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When it comes to American cities that have contributed heavily to the history of hip hop music, the area known as Newark NJ, garners at the very least, an honorable mention. The area also known as “BRICK CITY” has birthed some exceptional & iconic hip hop talent from Redman to The Fugees.

Datin, who also goes by the moniker “TRIPLE D,” seems to be following in that tradition while forging a completely different, innovate & life changing path. As an independent artist, Datin honed his emceeing skills mainly at the long running hip hop open mic in New York City known as “End of The Weak” (aka, “EOW”). In addition, Datin competed in every aspect of the EOW MC Challenge which included the “MC Challenge of Champions,” the “Team MC Challenge,” the “MC Challenge TV Show” & even some internationally based “EOW MC Challenge” events.

Expanding his resume, Datin also became a BET “106 & Park Freestyle Fridays” & “MONDAY NITE FIGHT KLUB” Champion & did Detroit’s “WHO WANTS TO BATTLE,” hosted by Bizarre & the late Proof, of the multi-platinum selling hip hop group D12. Obviously battle tested, Datin appeared on quite a few hip hop DVD’s & found himself working with platinum selling producers & developing his sound. He was pretty much a signature away from signing a major record deal that would have taken him a step closer to potential hip hop stardom. Then, everything changed.

All the success that Datin achieved was unquestionable, but undeniable, was the negative effect it was having on himself as a man & on his spirit. It appeared that in the midst of chasing his dream of being an acclaimed hip hop superstar. The battle for his soul stepped to the forefront & a burgeoning relationship with JESUS CHRIST confronted Datin with the negative, even harmful by-products of the music he was creating. Once he dedicated his life to CHRIST, his former life had to end, which included him not rapping for a substantial period of time in order to get ‘spiritually right’ with GOD & himself.

When Datin did return, the re-invention was evident. His technical skills didn’t diminish, but his content & persona spoke to his new direction. Once on an aimless quest for fortune & fame and ambitions to glorify himself, now Datin’s only ambition is to point his listeners to the same savior that has redeemed his soul and cleansed him of his sins, Jesus The Christ.

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