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Memoirs Of A Perfect World

1. Memoirs feat. Dad (Prod. by Tone Jonez)
2. Masquerade (Prod. by KP)
3. Sticc & Moov feat. Eshon Burgundy (Prod. by KP)
4. SCL2 feat. Dre Murray and Kayla Starks (Prod. by KP)
5. Superman (Prod. by Wit)
6. Float Prophecy feat. Mom
7. Intro Vert (Prod. by Wit)
8. Window Seat (Prod. by Wit & 42 North)
9. Regular Day feat. Datin, Bumps, Raging Moses (Prod. by Wit)
10. Highpotenoose (Prod. by Wit)
11. Anthemic (Prod. by Wit)
12. Cliche feat. Bizzle (Prod. by Soundnami)
13. Same Bird feat. Jered Sanders (Prod. by Wit & 42 North)
14. Fuel feat. Trini (Prod. by KP)
15. Uriah States Of America feat. Norman Michael (Prod. by Wit & 42 North)
16. Debt Collection feat. Dad & J. Carter (Prod. by KP)
17. Fairy Tale (Prod. by Tone Jonez)
18. Amnesia feat. Mom (Prod. by Tone Jonez)

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